Monday, April 2, 2012

Cutie Pie!

Emma did amazing this morning! I was pretty nervous with the whole 'not eating after midnight' thing but, like always, she shined like a champ!!  

She had all of the nurses and doctors (especially the men) wrapped around her finger.  When I finally was allowed to go back to see her (after she had woken up),  there was a man with a guitar singing to her and 3 woman nurses cooing around her.  Seriously, she was in heaven!!

We don't know any of the results yet -- more to come as we hear from the various doctors over the next 24-36 hours. But I had to post these adorable pictures today. :-)


Kam said...

Beautiful baby girl! So happy things went well...will be praying about the results!

MarthaB. said...

Oh she is just so adorable!!! Keeping you in our thoughts!

Kristi said...

She is so.darn.cute I can hardly stand it!!!! Praying u get great news.

Jennifer said...

Emma is soooo cute!! It sounds like she is doing awesome. I said some prayers about her hearing and I'm so thankful you got such good news...that's amazing :-) have a happy Easter!