Friday, January 2, 2015

China Adoption Agency Cost Comparison

I have had so many requests for my agency spreadsheet comparison I decided to put it out there. 

Detailed Cost Analysis (updated as of 1/2/2014) for China adoption agencies found at this LINK.


** Tax footnote - check here to see if you can use the adoption tax credit.

Takeaway message - if you find your kiddo on the shared list, go with CAWLI and save yourself a boatload of $$!!

Caveat -- I tried to make these apple to apple comparison, meaning I generically put the following costs for all agencies. Obviously these costs will vary depending on your Homestudy agency, when you travel, etc.
  • $2200 as the HS costs
  • $870 for USCIS
  • $6600 for in country fees (SWI Donation + Provincial fees)
  • $7,000 for travel (2 parents at 3500 pp).
  • I did not include actual costs for post placements but did include post placement retainers.  I also included fees related to post placement mgmt. (some agencies have them, others do not).
The above can vary but are not usually that widely different from agency to agency.



FOOTNOTES -- All costs taken directly from these links...

CAWLI Fee Chart
FTIA Fee Chart
Lifeline Fee Chart
WACAP Fee Chart
Madison Fee Chart
AAC Fee Chart
CCAI Fee Chart