Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gotcha Day - 1 year ago today!

One year ago today we got Emma!   It is amazing how fast it has gone… Matt was just saying to me how Emma is so part of our family and how we can't imagine life before her!

Quick update... the girls started to share a room on Tuesday night.  Then last night Matt heard Alexis call down and this is how it went:

Alexis - “Daddy….Daddy”.

Me – (walk up stairs) What is it Lexie…

Alexis - “Well it took a while but I got Emma to sleep”.

Me - I thought oh man I hope she didn’t smother her to get her to go to sleep.   I asked “how did you get her to sleep, what did you do?”

Alexis – “I just sang a song to her and she went to bed while we cuddled”

Sure enough Emma had fallen to sleep in Lexie’s bed.  It made me smile.

Me – “Well why don’t you sleep in her bed then?”

Alexis climbed in to her bed and pulled up the covers.  Then she rolls over.

Alexis – This blanket is uncomfortable… it is no wonder she couldn’t fall asleep.

We are happily expecting #3 in mid February - a baby boy for Matt to do boy things with.  As life has it, the new house is also supposed to be done around the same time.  Nothing like God's perfect timing!!

On a final note - congrats to our travel partners Tracy and Patrick from Linguine and Lo Mein who are adopting again!! We are so excited to watch them bring little R home!

Quick Picture of the family from a local Chinese restaurant on Christmas eve (the girls were super excited it was snowing)!