Saturday, July 28, 2012

Progress {a lot of progress}

We have had a huge summer!  A few recent updates (in no particular order):

  • We put our house up on the market in late June and we had 3 offers in 6 days!  We feel really lucky and are planning to close & move at the end of August.
  • We signed a contract to build a new, bigger, home just down the road from our current home. The neighborhood is full of kids, has sidewalks, a park, and is walk able to the local elementry and high school. We are going to have 5 bedrooms which will be such a blessing since both Matt and I work from home (we currently share an office, ugh!).   I feel like such a grown up (and to be honest a little over indulgent) that we are getting this big of a house but we really will use the space.  The house will be ready early February, 2013.

  • We started another adoption. We actually did this right when we got home with Emma (we knocked the HomeStudy update out with our first post placement visit). We were DTC (documents to China) in early April.  That said, the adoption is on hold b/c....

  • We are pregnant!!  I know, right?!  I feel obligated to tell you this was planned - we did an IVF cycle. Everyone says 'just relax and you will get preggo'. Well, that is horse shit.  I did, however, find a new doctor who I think is fantastic, and who was willing to work with us in a way our previous Dr's were not.  Anyway, we are due in mid Feb. We are now planning on going back to China for #4!  :-)
  • We bought a rental property.  I know, the story gets crazier and crazier.  We found a fantastic deal on a foreclosure and close on it the day before we sell our current home. I won't lie, it needs some work but Matt and I see potential. To be honest, I love taking something ugly and, on a bargain, making it beautiful.  It doesn't hurt that by hubby is amazing and can do a lot of projects himself! We plan to live in the rental, while we fix it up, until our new construction home (bullet #2) is ready.  Once we move to the big house, we will put it up for rent.

  • Last, but certainly not least, Emma got tubes yesterday.  Thank God!!  After 4 failed hearing tests, fluid in her ear at every appointment, and 6 ear infections since being home (2 that required a second round of antibiotic), they finally agreed with me that she needed tubes.  There is some rule of thumb about x number of infections in 6 mos and since she hadn't been home 6 mos, they didn't want to do it before then.  Crazy!! Anyway, she is recovering nicely, for now at least!

Emma can't swim for a week so we are trying to come up with creative activities for the girls. It is tough, we have been at the pool everyday this summer so we are going to have to start branching out to our fall and winter activities this week. :-)

So that is our progress.  Anyone else got news to share, lol?!