Monday, June 20, 2011


We found out today that China has confirmed our Locked In Date - 6/8/2011. For all of the non adoption followers, that means we now have all of application paperwork to China and are formally eligible for a match in this month's referral cycle.

When is that next release cycle? For now, all we know is that the release is NOT this evening but could be anytime later this week or potentially next monday.  My guess is it will be the 27th, next Monday, given that it has been on Mondays for the past 6  mos. That said, while we could get matched next Monday, it could also take a few months...each month the number of kiddos on the list is different so it's really out of our hands!

When we do recieve and accept a referral, we will have to send our letter of intent to adopt the child to China within 72 hours. So its a quick process!!  From there, there is a 4-6 mos wait time (additional paperwork in the US and in China) until we travel to pick her up.

Until then, Matt and I are trying to relax and start preparing for our daughters arrival. Starting with....the name.  I know, its a shock. For Alexis, we didn't select her name until the very last hour of checkout at the hospital (she was 3 days old). I didn't realize at the time but my poor family had to tell people for days "I have a grandaughter, but just not sure her name yet!".  We are hoping to do better this time...we'll see how it goes though.  As many of you know, Matt and I have a hard time with indecision. We have been known to purchase and return things to Home Depot multiple times (aka the shovel and level incidents).  So, if it takes us two hours and two trips to Home Depot to pick out a shovel, imagine what it will be like for the naming discussion. :-)  If you have creative name suggestions, post them here.  We may not use them but if we do, hey, you will feel very lucky.

More to come!



Katy said...

How about "Spirit of Direction" Lillie?
Lily Lillie?
Eli Lillie?
Millie Lillie?

Did you really think I would be serious? :)

Good luck and have fun with it. Both times Chad and I picked something we could agree on, but also something meaningful to us. Will was after William Clark from Lewis and Clark, and Sydney after the beautiful city where I lived for a year.

Michele said...

The indecision thing made me giggle! I thought I was the only one. I am a "fret-ter" by nature. We've changed Willa's name a couple of different times, so I get it!!

I look forward to following your journey! Who knows, maybe our paths will cross in China!!