Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adoption Connections...what's in a surname?!

What a small world it is!  In the past week, I have been connected with two other adoptive mothers whose kiddos are from the same city as Emma.  In fact, all 3 children were found in the same district of Kunming and, therefore, have the same orphanage given surname (for those of you vocabulary challenged, surname is the same as last name!).

The first family I met, the Oakes Family, is leaving in 3 days to pick up their two waiting children from China, Benjamin and Samuel. They are also bringing their 6 other children with them on the journey (the youngest of which is 2.5 years old)!!  Samuel is just over 2 waiting in Tianjin &  Benjamin is ~ 18 mos old and is waiting in Kunming. Carol is obviously a busy busy woman but is going to try to visit the orphanage AND has agreed to bring Emma's picture and inquire about her!! Either way, this is a win for us. If Carol inquires about Emma and is unable to see Emma b/c she is in foster care, that is really good news for us b/c it means Emma is with a loving family.  That said, if Emma is at the orphanage still, we would be so blessed because Carol could actually hold her and tell her how much we love her!  That is about the best thing a mama could hope for. Anyway, if you are interested, you can follow Carol when she travels here - http://www.thegreatesttreasuresjournal.blogspot.com/.

My second connection is actually a fellow Michigander...Deitra went to Adrian college with my good friend Lana and we recently connected over email. Funny enough, her waiting son, Hayden, is also in Kunming AND was found in the same area as Emma with the same surname!  Deitra will be traveling with her mother later this fall (sometime before us but after Carol) to pick up her son.  He is adorable, check him out here -- http://anxiouslyawaitinghayden.blogspot.com/.

Finally, if you are interested in a good cry (who isn't, right?), here is a recent article I was forwarded.  If this doesn't make you bawl your eyes out like a baby, you must have a heart made of coal. Seriously. Keep it to yourself if you don't cry. It won't do you any good to share that information. 

Lost & Found - http://www.slate.com/id/2301514


Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks Christy. I am so happy we were connected. I just saw this. I enjoyed your friend Carol's journey uniting with Samuel and looking forward to following onward to Kunming! What a special trip! Deitra

Difference2This1 said...

Thanks for leaving comment on our blog a bit ago. Emma is a cutie! Prayers for quick paperwork!!! :)

Blessings, Jennifer