Thursday, June 21, 2012

Emma's Dedication

Emma's dedication at church was Sunday. It was pretty awesome day.  We had tons of family and friends come to the dedication and promise to help us raise this little girl to know God.

What really struck me was the timing of it all - fathers day. The topic at church was how God is our Father and how he 'adopted' us into his family. How he loves us more then we know. How he knows every hair on our head and is proud of us at every step in our lives.

Hmm..I can imagine the feeling. :-)

Feeling really blessed this week!!


Kam said...

LOVE this! So glad to see your beautiful family here...thought of you last week and was wondering how everyone is doing! We just got LOA for Gabe on Monday! Eeek. Getting very excited around here!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful summer!

Aspgriswold said...

What a blessing!!!!

Stephanie said...

What a perfect day to have her dedicated! She is beautiful!

Mary said...

Just lovely!!! So glad to read an update! Hope all is well with you!

Sherri said...

Your Emma is beautiful, I was trying to find out how old she is? We came home in March with our Emma who just turned 17 months yesterday!

a blog full of weldons. said...

so sweet! i love it!