Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Emma {adoption video}

Today is Emma's 2nd birthday, yea!!! I finally got my act together and I am delivering Emma's Adoption Video to her as her second birthday present. :-)

This is also a big milestone because Emma has now been with us longer then she had been with anyone else previous (aka her foster parents).  This is a milestone in adoption land, if only as a 'check' to say that everyone has made it, and to keep up the good work!!

Happy Birthday Emma Jean Chun Xiao!! You have brought so much perspective to my life & taught me so much about parenting, myself, and unconditional love.  I look forward to all of the wonderful things you will bring to our family in this next year!!


Aspgriswold said...

Happy Bday Emma!!!!

MarthaB said...

Wonderful video!! Happy Birthday sweet Emma!!

Forever Sisters said...

Love the video.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Melissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Emma from some of your extended orphanage family!

Tracy said...

Beautiful! Best wishes fron T, P, and E!