Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1 week post cleft lip surgery

We are 1 week post surgery and things are going well. Like has these crazy looking nose Stints in his nose that will be there for the next 3 weeks. They ensure he can breathe, even if he swells. They also catch a lot of snot (and food) from a 2 year old. 

We just weaned him off the narcotics and he is pretty good with Tylenol, so long as we stay on too of it.

The doctor was unable to close Luke's soft palate so he still has a home between his mouth and his nasal cavity. We go back in July for another surgery where they will close the soft palate. Then in January of 2015 they will remove the prosthesis and close the palate. So 3 surgeries in one year. Not ideal but it needs to happen. We think he will then have further surgeries when he is 4 (nose),  7 (alveolar bone graph), and hopefully that is it. Elective rhinoplasty seems to always be an option at 16, if needed.

Speech evaluation is this week so we are moving right along!! 

Here are a few pics from this weekend..it's pretty rough going!! Hopefully this week we get to see more if his new smile!!

4 days post surgery - beuising gets worse before better 

                       In hospital


Renate said...

Wow looks like it hurts! Poor little guy. Hope he feels better soon.

Victor Peterson said...

As per of your recent posts, it’s great to know that Luke’s coping up just fine. Anyway, was the doctor able to close his soft palate? I hope things are doing a lot better for him now. Thanks for sharing this with us, Lillie. All the best!

Victor Peterson