Friday, May 9, 2014

Now officially one punching bag!

Luke just got out of 4 hours of surgery! This kid got the work up again and rocked it! 

He had an ABR that showed normal hearing in one ear and slightly under normal in the other. We will continue to watch his hearing and he may end up having him wear a Soft Baha band -

at some point to help his hearing in the short term, until the fluid in his ears stops. We will follow up every 3 months for a year with our U of M audiologist.

He had a tube replaced in one ear - they put in a titanium tube, pretty cool! Apparently they work better sometimes!

They put a steroid shot in his lip to reduce scar tissue. I think his lip will look better and perhaps this is something we can do at home in the future.

They repaired his soft palate completely. He now has  one 'punching bag' uvula - instead of the two split uvulas he had this morning. 

His hard palate closed 40 percent in 3 months. Amazing!! We will be back in December for the final palate repair. 

He is in some pain but we are staying on top of the medicine! Our nurse in fantastic. 

Thx for the prayers!


1 hr post surgery

Immediately post surgery. Kinda a sad pic, he really is doing well, all things considered! 


Katy said...

Amazing! Go Luke (and Christy)! God is good. :)

Nicole Webb said...

Awesome! Way to go, Luke and Momma! Godspeed!

dsantucci said...

How lucky Luke is to be part of your family. You did an amazing job in getting him the best treatment available.

Cynthia In Denver said...

Aw. What a trooper!!! You really are the family meant for him! Thanks for the update.