Monday, September 26, 2011

Update from orphanage!!


We received an update from the orphanage this morning, yea!! Our awesome social worker is on vacation but  took the time to forward on the good news!!

At 11 months Emma is doing amazing AND is with a foster family. We could not be happier to get the update below!  Now we just need an LOA to come and get our baby!!!


Can we have updated measurements, specifically head, chest, height, and weight?  And can the orphanage give the date that the measurements were taken?
height 71cm, weight 18P, head 42cm, chest 42cm, foot 11cm teeth 1, this month.

Can she sit up unassisted?

Can she stand with assistance , such as holding onto a chair?

Can she walk around a low table by holding on?
Yes,she can walk with holding hands.

Does she live with a foster family?
a foster family.

Can she say any words?
Yes,such as "MaMa","DaDa"

Does she eat solid food?  If so, what food?
Yes,some fruit(pear and apple) and cake.
Note - we sent our family photo album and it it put a picture of us at Lexie's 2nd birthday and said we like to eat cake!! :-)

Can she wave hello or goodbye?

Also, Chun Xiao's first birthday is coming up (it is 10/5).  Her parents would like to wish her a happy birthday.  They would be glad to send a care package for the children. Please advise if this is acceptable to Kunming Children’s Welfare Institute.
Yes,of course.Here is the address of the orphanage:


Lana said...

What a way to start the week :) :) And I love all the decorating. Everything looks amazing!

Mary said...

Woo-hoo!!! This is awesome! We haven't gotten an update like this yet -- I'm so excited for you to get all this great new info! COME ON LOA!!!!!!!

Kam said...

Hi, I found your blog tonight while searching Kunming SWI. We have just sent in our application last week for a little boy there. We've had his file for a month and have finally heard back from the cardiologists and pediatrician about his prognosis. Was hoping to secure PA sometime in October but with the CCAA closed, I'm sure it will be later. What struck me, is our little guy's picture was taken in the same bouncey seat as your sweet baby girl's was. Not too much of a coincidence but it made me smile. Sweet babies. I enjoyed reading about your journey! Hope your LOA comes soon! :)

Katy said...

Yea!! Happy news.

Astraea said...

That is excellent news! We are anxiously awaiting to see more of that beautiful baby girl!

Anonymous said...

Christy- So happy for you! I agree with Lana- you have awesome taste. Looking forward to meeting you soon. All the best. Crossing fingers for your LOA soon!! Deitra