Monday, September 5, 2011

Why are adoptions so expensive?

I get asked a lot - why are adoptions so expensive?  Well, for the Lillie family, it is because I am nesting and have somehow started to renovate every room in the house. Seriously, every room has something going on with it.  I tell myself this is fine behavior because it gives me something else to focus on during the LOA wait.  The problem with this logic is that my husband ends up with 90% of the projects himself. I don't think he appreciates it when I get these "great new ideas".

My latest idea -- we decided to renovate Emma's closet (because what 11 mos old doesn't need a renovated walk in closet?!).

BTW - Emma turned 11 mos today! I can't believe she is going to be 1 soon and we will miss it! It totally sucks that we can't be there but I take comfort in knowing she will love the walk in closet when she finally gets home.

Just kidding. :-)  I have to make light somehow of the situation or I will go bonkers.

Hope everyone had a relaxing labor day!   I want to leave you with a hilarious picture of my little farmer from our local fair on Friday.  Gotta love fake cows.


Mary said...

That closet makes ME jealous. And our Matts need to commiserate. Nesting is a real problem for the dads. LOL.

Martha said...

The walk in closet is awesome! Retail therapy during our LOA wait means that Frances' closet is pretty much full already, I would love to have that much space....but then it means I would be spending more $ filling it :)

laurelleanddave said...

I love the closet! We, too, decided that we weren't helping the economy enough so decided to move DS #1 into the attic and incoming DS#2 into his old room, which requires replacing the old AC (about time) and getting the whole area renovated. I know everyone will be happier with the extra room but we do feel like the one-family stimulus package!