Monday, November 28, 2011

Hanging the stockings!

We hung our Christmas decorations this weekend!  It was a blast. Lexie is in her full swing 'ordering' of her parents around the house. So I was told many times where to put things. :-)

My mom recently finished Emma's stocking so we were able to hang all 4 of them!  Lexie loved hanging them this year and talked about Santa filling them all. Too cute!!

We also decorated the tree. It was a ton of fun and Lexie loved this one ornament in particular.  She actually asked if she could take it to show and tell at school!

My sister Catherine gave us the ornament at Thanksgiving. It is Emma's referral photo and has a pin on it that was my Grandma Norma's, who passed away this spring. Emma shares Catherine & Grandma Norma's middle name (along with Matts mother & grandmothers middle names!).  We will wait to see if Emma, like her sister and mother, share Norma's spitfire personality, ha! :-)

Finally, while in the midst of these activities on Saturday I saw one of my friends posted the below song by Third Day.  I was actually floored to hear would have thought it came directly from Matt and I! Tears!! Thank you Tera for sharing!!

We know Emma is in Foster Care and we hope she is being hugged and loved this holiday season by her foster parents.   Next year, Emma will  join us in the craziness of decorating the house and baking cookies. Next year, Lexie will probably be ordering Emma on where to hang the decorations around the house, lol.


Tera said...

As soon as I read your post title, I thought of that song again! I'm so thankful our girls will be home with us at this time next year!! Still praying you get to travel in early January!!

Katy said...

Awesome song! I know in her heart Emma feels your love a world away.

Lana said...

Sniff, sniff...ok, how do you make it through the whole song?? Couldn't even get past the first minute!! Can't wait for Emma to experience the magic of the season with you next year :)

Anonymous said...

It's that time again! Christmas! :)