Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Article 5 Pick up!! Chinese New Year Feedback?

We *think* we had article 5 pickup today in Guangzhou today!

We got an email in the middle of the night from the consulate (amazing services!) indicating it was ready. Our agency said their contact usually picks it up when it was ready and since it was scheduled for 12/6, she assumes it happened.  We are going with a 'yes' with that feedback. :-)

So we now start our official wait for Travel Approval!  Our hope is to get it by 12/22 (our agency is closed the 23 and the 26th so the 22nd is the last chance before Christmas).

On travel dates -- my good friend Torye opened my eyes this weekend and we are know thinking that we may try to stay in China during the Chinese New Year (as opposed to avoiding it ).

We have heard that if you are there during the new year it is truly a once in a lifetime trip.  The consulate is open the Thursday of the new year week so if we can get the rest of the items (medical review specifically) done before the CNY, it just may work!!

Anyone been to China during the NY? Or know anyone who has?


Kam said...

Congrats! Off to email you... :)

Pam said...

Yeah! You are almost there!!! I'm sure you will get a quick TA!

Tera said...

Yeah!! I am guessing it may make your trip last a little longer, but I agree...it would be an amazing experience!!

Martha Bonneau said...

You are so close! Fingers crossed for a speedy TA!!

Christy said...


We are waiting for our little one in Kunming as well and cant wait to follow your trip. Hoping you might be able to ask how our little one is doing while you are there. Ill email you later :)

Anyway, we were in China on CNY last year and it was nice. You really have to either be there right before or right after and pretty much leave on CNY day or shortly after or come during the celebration and then do all your adoption stuff after. We were the first. We did the whole adoption and were planning on flying home the day before CNY day but that officially is the busiest travel day in all of china so we decided to stay one additional day and leave on CNY day. It was fun seeing some of the fireworks and festivities. The island (Shamian) basicall closes down and so do a lot of things off the island as well so there is not much to do but it is nice to be there during that time. The week we were in Guangzhou before CNY it was very slow. Not many adoptive families there. Kind of a ghost town but we liked it better than when we were in GZ the first time adopting our first daughter. Much more calm. So, you can do CNY but it will probably have to be at the very end of your trip and if you are bringing your daughter, it might be a fun family thing to hang out for a day or two to see some of the festivities.

Good luck!!!