Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2 pm at our house...

Right now we are waiting for our Travel Approval from the Chinese Gov't.  Our agency estimates it will come sometime over the next 3 weeks.   Once we get this approval, we can book our flights (2-3 weeks out).

These approvals come physically to our agency via DHL.  DHL is usually delivered to our agency around 2 pm east coast time.

So..everyday from today until we get our TA, at 2 pm, I will frantically be checking my email.  I also will be checking the blogs to see if other adoptive parents waiting for their travel approval have gotten their TA. i.e. yesterday someone that was 4 days ahead of us got their TA. I almost wet myself I was so excited for them.  

The invention of the smart phone gives me an edge here. I can be shopping, working, working out, or at matter what, I have my phone and my email at my touch.  

On the plus side, Lexie is still napping so I am able to spend this time waiting for the call without her screaming in the background.

So if you want to get a hold of me...just email or call around 2 pm. I will answer. :-)


Alan said...

We're right there with you!

a blog full of weldons. said...

soo excited for you!!

Mary said...

can't WAIT to read this news!! YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!! You'll surely be spending Christmas on last minute packing!!

Tera said...

So close!! Yeah!! I am feeling that way about my LOA already...someone on RQ with a PA after mine got her LOA so now I am hoping and praying mine is coming soon too!!