Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three Musketeers

This evening Matt, Lexie, and I had dinner together...Lexie's favorite spaghetti. We then went to the Library,picked out some new books & then came home and to watch 'Ni Hao Kai lan goes to China'.   I then put Lexie to bed while Matt went out with a few friends for a drink.  After he left I realized that tonight was our last Thursday evening spent as a family of 3. :-( We leave next Thursday afternoon and will not spend another Thursday night together until we have Emma.

It's bizarre -- our little family of 3 has been together for so long, I am having a hard time imagining it any other way. I  hope Lexie remembers some of the time she got to spend with us 1:1.   I know that sounds stupid...2nd, 3rd and 4th kiddos never get that 1:1 time and they do just fine. But still...I hope she remembers.  If not, I just made a photo album with 2011 pictures to remind her of all the fun things she got to do with us :-).  I plan to use it when she is a teenager and she is telling me how unfair her life is, ha!

This evening when I put Lexie to bed she asked me to lie down with her (of course I obliged, much easier then fighting, lol). While I was laying down with Lexie, she put her hands on my face, gave my forehead a kiss (this is a Matt move btw) and said 'you are my favorite'.  I did the same back to her and said 'Lexie, you are my favorite'. She then gave me a bear hug and said 'you are the best mommy'.  She then grabbed my hand and closed her eyes.  I sat there, lying next to my daughter, holding her hand and just thanked God for everything we have.

Here she is blowing me kisses good night...

I couldn't have asked for a better evening.

UPDATE: 10 mins later...Well, I now hear her screaming my name (perhaps a glass of water, or a potty break) so I guess my blissful evening is over.


Mortensen Family said...

Cute blog update! It brought tears to my eyes. I am dealing with the same thoughts with Hannah. She's had five years of just us three. What a sweet and loving daughter you have. Made me laugh at the end. Looking forward to seeing you in GZ!

Kate said...

I just teared up reading this post! We have been home just over a month with our daughter...and I remember having the same thoughts as you about our first daughter (just turned she will remember...maybe a bit too much...we've had a bit of an adjustment to sisterhood...but it's going well! No worries! :-)). I can't wait to follow your journey. There will be growing pains for all of you...but as we start to come out on the other side of our new normal, I am overwhelmed with gratitiude for the blessings we have been given. Happy New Year!

Kate (Mom2lia on RQ)