Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We leave Thursday!!

We have been running around like crazy trying to finish 'operation Christmas' (aka taking down Christmas decorations, find a home for all of our new toys, etc) plan for our trip, plan for Lexie's two weeks without us, and pack. Here were our projects of the day yesterday:

We made a calendar for Lexie to countdown the days until we are home from China. She just loved the advent calendar so this is along those same lines. She also gets a gift every morning while we are in China. Thank you Angie for this lovely idea, best $15 I have spent at the dollar store.    

For everyone watching Lexie (Grandma Lilley, Grandma Scheid, & Aunt Catty) - feel free to play with the toy for a few days and throw it away if it starts to junk things up or if they break. :-)

Speaking of gifts...I received the loveliest package in the mail today from my dear friend Angie (same one that recommended the gift/day idea). Included in the package was a bunch of items for our trip -- Starbucks Via, Tide to go packets, & a bunch of medical items for Emma that we did not own (scabies cream, lice soap, laxative suppositories, infant gas medicine...all yummy things, right?!).  Anyway, it came in the most gorgeous bag and included a sweet note and even a pair of socks for Emma!

I can't tell you how much I cherish my online friends who have helped us over the past 8 months.
  • Nicole - who led me to Living Hope. If I wouldn't have run across Nicole's blog, I would probably still be with an agency that would have had a 2 year wait for a referral! 
  • Mary - who's paperwork made it to China the same day as mine and who received her referral for Gracie the same day as we received our referral for Emma. What a week that was!! 
  • Martha - who waited our 30 day grueling PA wait with me and was the only person who understood what it was like to be on the fence for that long!  Angie who has given me positive reinforcement through the process. 
  • Pam who cheered me on during my TA wait & who has an Emma on the way as well. Pam got her TA today, yea!! 
  • Tracy - who I am traveling with from Guangzhou to Hong Kong and has put up with my crazy questions during our itinerary planning.  
  • Christy who's DD is in Kunming and who, as an adoption expert, has given me invaluable feedback.  
  • Tera who helped me when I wasn't sure about timing for a personal event in December. :-)  
  • Kam - who helped me see how much love you can have for a child you've  never met. 
  • Dietra who I first met through my friend in town Lana b/c she thought we may want to chat b/c we were both adopting from China. Turns out, Hayden was found in the same area as Kunming as Emma & who lives only an hour away from us now.! Dietra - thank you for the Ergo, it is packed!!
I cherish  all of your friendships more then you know!!

We leave Thursday...China here we come!!   I posted our itinerary to the right navigation for those interested. Our next post should be from Hong Kong!!


Kam said...

Godspeed sweet friend! I've been thinking of you today and hoping that everything is falling into place beautifully. My mom broke down on the phone again this afternoon about Seth. It's just so hard. She asked, "When is your friend going to Kunming?" I told her you were really just hours away and she bawled.

I just wasn't able to get anything together for you to take. I have thought of it a million times and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Nothing seemed "enough" or appropriate. I would just appreciate you say his name aloud for us while you are in that beautiful city.

Speak his name, please, Seth Hudson Roberts, over Kunming. Maybe even write his name and take a picture of it for us while you are there. That would mean the world to me.

That will be our tribute to him. For someone to breathe his sweet name and that the Heavens will hear that he is remembered and loved and so very wanted.

Thank you, thank you.

I'm praying for you through tears. Go get your baby girl. :)

Martha B. said...

I am so, so excited for you...after all of the waiting you are so close to your baby girl! The trip can be stressful at times, but take in every moment of it and make lots of memories to share with your sweetie one day...I will be following along!

Christy said...

Im so excited for you guys and wish I were going with you to get Emery!! You have been such a blessing and I cant wait to follow your journey. You are in our prayers for little one at home and your little one in Kunming. I will pray for her attachment and comfort in her grief. Big hugs and I will be watching your blog like a hawk!!!!!!

Tera said...

So happy to be a small part of your amazing journey! You are SOOO close! I can't wait to follow your time in China...and I can't wait to see how much Emma has grown! Praying for safe travels, few hiccups, and many sweet memories made in Emma's birthland. Congrats!!!

Nicole said...

Oh I cannot wait to see you holding your beautiful, precious baby girl in your arms. I'm sorry I have been MIA, we had quite a few sickies in our house for awhile ... things are finally returning to normal! I will of course be following your journey and will be praying for your family. You are about to be so blessed by an incredible gift. God is so good!

Nicole said...

PS - I am honored to be a small part of the journey to your precious Emma. The long wait will all be worth it and you will forget once you're holding her in your arms :-) Love and hugs to your family!

Deitra said...

Christy- We are so excited for you... I love the bag from yoru friend and the idea for Lexie.. how cute!!! Have a great trip- can't wait to hear about your journey...what a precious next few weeks...Deitra

Pam said...

I love this post! Thank you for including me in it! I am wishing you a wonderful journey to your Emma! I can't wait to see you holding her for the very first time! Congratulations!

AshleyAnn said...

So looking forward to following your journey!...Angie led us to LHAA...what a gift.

Nancy & Serdar said...

Have a safe trip!! Will be anxiously awaiting your return. xxxooo

Lana said...

Christy, we've been thinking of you all week. What an exciting 2 weeks to come! Btw, we did the gift/day for Thomas and Sadie and Thomas still talks about it! Lexi will love it and think of you every day :) xoxo