Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 9 - videos of Emma & more site seeing in Guangzhou

Here are a few videos over the past few days of our adorable Emma:

1. Figuring out how to blow kisses (we are at starbucks btw):

2. Learning to babble with daddy:

Today we went sight seeing  to a local park - Yuntai Square.  It was a huge park filled with beautiful flowers and lots of Green space. Emma had a great time running around and we captured a few good pics with all of the beautiful blooming flowers.

Chinese New Year Celebrations have begun all over the city..

There was an 'angry birds' real life game that matt attempted (he actually did pretty well)..

And then we put Emma in the slingshot..parents of the year, right?!  

Just kidding btw, we didn't actually use this with her in it! :-)

View of Guangzhou from Yuntai Square:

Wrapping up with dinner at Tao Tao Ju Cantonese Restaurant with our guide John:

Tomorrow we have our consulate appointment, yea! And then Thursday we get Emma's visa and head to Hong Kong.  Friday Emma will officially be a US citizen and our family will be united, yippee!!


Mary said...

Yay!! She is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm so happy that you are having such a great trip! Can't wait to see Emma with her big sister!!

Kam said...


Kevin said...

You guys are awesome! So cool to see her getting loved on by her new family. Can't wait to meet her - travel safe!

sharon said...

SHE IS THE HAPPIEST LOOKING LITTLE GIRL!! I am in love with getting these daily emails and please don't stop!!! I know you can't do it daily for the rest of her life, but I'm loving it! She is a NATURAL W/you guys!!!

Christy said...

Fun times!!! She is still the model of the perfect adoption situation--wow!!! I cant belive she is still doing so darn good! Glad all is well and cant wait till you have your swearing in ceremony!

a blog full of weldons. said...

i just can't get enough of this girl! her smile could light up and entire continent!!! those videos are incredible!! what a little sweetie pie!!

and seriously, emma and lexie look a lot alike!!!

Martha B. said...

Love the videos!! It must be a rite of passage for daddies to teach their kids how to do the babble thing, it's one of the first things DH taught Frances :)

Our Journey to Jace said...

She is so cute! :)