Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 5 & 6: Travel to GZ & Medical Exam

We packed up our hotel room and flew from Kunmimg to Guangzhou on Friday evening.  

Chun Xiao helping with the packing

It was hard to leave Kunming. Hard to leave Chun Xiao's birthplace where she was clearly loved by those at the orphanage, the foster family, and almost everyone we met after gotcha day.  I know in my heart she needs to come with us but it was sad to think of her loosing this piece of her history. I am so thankful for the people we met and I hope to stay in touch with Jane as Chun Xiao grows and hopefully return to Kunming for a visit when she is old enough and ready.

Back to the travel...the airport was nuts. Seriously, nuts. It reminded me of the airport in 1985 when you had to get there 3 hours early, stand in line with your paper tickets, push people of your way, and you may see someone smoking while waiting.  Our guide was great though, he stood by our side all the way through to security.  Chun Xiao is so adaptable -- she just rolled with the punches as our flight was delayed, we ate the only airport food available (KFC), as people tried to grab her out of my hands to say how cute she was, and as others commented about the number of layers she should be wearing.

The flight was good, Emma was a trooper. By the end of the flight she had the entire plane looking at her as she made faces at the other passengers.  This girl knows how to get people to like her.

We were very happy to get to Guangzhou at around 10 pm. Chun Xiao passed out right away. Her thumb continues to be her favorite comfort item!

GZ is the 3rd largest city in China - after Beijing and Shanghai at 14 Million people (twice the size of NYC). Again, I am amazed at this 'china is huge' thing. We are staying near an area called 'Shamian Island' that is very touristy and comfortable for us. The island has very few people, lots of Americans, tourist shops, and even a Starbucks.  The island has British architecture and beautiful Banyan trees that are hundreds of years old. Lovely place to walk with our new daughter.

Shamian Island - Guangzhou

Emma had her medical exam this morning on the island. She was up bright and early (at 5:30 am she was up for the day after an hour of crying) and was ready to roll by the time our guide got there at 9 am.

At the hotel in the morning

The only glitch at the medical appt was that the doctor recognized Emma's cold and then told our guide that we should put more clothes on Emma because she has a cold.  Seriously, she was wearing a Patagonia Puffy coat to the appointment (it is 55 degrees out by the way) and was wearing a dress and tights inside (where it was ~80 degrees and stuffed with people).  It is just such a cultural difference between the US and China. We had many American parents tell us how cute she looked in her ballerina dress and flower hair bow and  yet we had other Chinese people tell us we were not dressing her warmly enough. :-)

Waiting for her medical exam

Throughout the day Emma kept falling asleep in the stroller (on the way to the appt, & on the way home). I guess that is what you do when you are exhausted from  not sleeping during the night!  Anyway, here is her signature sleep position with our Happy Dino stroller. Our guide thought this was hilarious.

We also ran into Tracy and Patrick from Linguine or Lo Mein today which was a blessing (notice the matching Happy Dino strollers below!). So nice to see friends and give each other the 'I am not crazy' pep talk.  They are staying with us at the Holiday Inn, also a blessing!  Emmeline and Emma had a good time together sharing some cheerios. I really believe children do better with other children. We parents are just too boring for them!

The next few days should be very relaxing. We are planning to go to church tomorrow morning (service in english) and then to see a few different sites in GZ on Monday & Tuesday.  We will of course continue to post pics of the sites in the days to come!


Kam said...

LOVE following you while you are there! I'm just soaking it al in!

You're doing a great job, mama! I know you can't wait to get home to Lex and get these beautiful girls together!

GZ looks lovely too! Can't wait to go there myself!
Lots of love and hugs from way over here~

Deitra said...

I know the feeling you had leaving Kunming- I agree with Kam, you guys are fabulous parents- I loved reading about your last blog too uniting with the policeman- what a kind man- and what a great gift..and omy gosh she looks like she has always been with you! I loved Guangzhou- Appreciated all legs of our trip- but that part was the more relaxing part and I was ready to get into our own groove... hope you have a great time.. If you get a chance, check out the clothing shop just a about a block left of the Victory... great quality clothing (cotton).. and I remember the layering input- we got that too, even though we tried to roll with it too while there.. funny though I was taken off guard when a nice local man who was entertaining Hayden in the Beijing airport check in (nutts too), actually felt the back of Hayden's neck and said he was too hot, too many layers- LOL... Many blessings!!

Christy said...

OK, remember we were there this same time last year and we got the EXACT same response from the Chinese people. They were horrified that we only had Finley in one layer and a sweater. We would get disapproving nods and people pulling her clothes down over her legs so that skin was not sticking out. It was so funny and we just laughed beucase it was like 60 degrees in GZ-- same as in southern California (very similar weather) and we have kids here dressed in shorts and tshirts. The worst was at the playground-- we horrible parents actually allowed our daughter to take off her shoes and run around the play area-- running the risk of hypothermia!!!! It was hillarious the reaction we got when she took her shoes off and her feet turned black and she was having a blast!! Worst parents in the world award--lol!!!

Anyway, glad all is well. You will have to give me your impression of the Holiday Inn. We thought about staying there this time but we just liked the vicotry so much that we were not sure. Let me know how the food is so I can live through you :)

Glad everyone is doing great!!!

Christy said...

Forgot to mention that we were in GZ in late May in 2007 with mia and we had her in sun dresses and ver warm weather clothes and people did it to us then too-- it was like 90 degrees outside and they wanted mia bundled then too. Crazy and totally cultural!!

Nicole said...

Christy, so loving following your journey!! Please, please tell Helen we said HELLO!!! She was so wonderful to us and we loved getting to know her!

Our Journey to Jace said...

I am so glad things are going so good! Emma is so adorable! It is really fun to read your adventures, we have been home one week today and it feels like it was so long ago we were in that medical clinic! I so glad we both finally have our children in our arms! :) have fun on the rest of your trip! You are almost on your way home!!!! Yay!
-Amy ( Lovebug from RQ)

Johanna said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! Congratulations!! We just got home a few weeks ago w/ our baby girl!! It's such a miracle, isn't it?:)))

Martha B. said...

Frances' thumb is her fave comfort item too :)
Our guide in Xian would do a clothing check each morning to make sure F was in enough layers so we weren't hassled by the Guangzhou no really seemed to care. Loving the updates and all the pictures!!