Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome Home!!

We are home!!

Here is just a snapshot of what we had waiting for us at the airport when we arrived! Seriously, we had an absolutely huge group of people waiting for us, we are so grateful for everyone who came to share the day with us!

Kiddos waiting outside customs

 Coming through from customs

My girl who I missed more then I could have imagined

 Our family of 4!

Emma was pretty much exhausted so really didn't open up and start smiling until we got home.  Here are a few pictures from that evening:

 Girls in their new dresses

Aunt Catherine (who helped watch Lexie while we were gone) & Emma

If you like what you see, view the full set of pictures here

We are exhausted and trying to get on the right timezone but I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who followed our blog, sent me emails, and supported us by helping out with Lexie while we are gone.  We love you all.


Mandy said...

Congratulations and Welcome home! What a great experience you have had and thank you for sharing it with the world. You have a wonderful family and I wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed following this journey. It is my 1st stop in the morning. You have made me laugh and you have made me cry. Thanks for sharing, I feel like I'm part of your family.Glad you are home safe and sound. Hope to see you at Natalie's party.

Pam said...

So happy you are home with both your beautiful daughters safe and sound! We leave in 3 days! Can't wait!

Tera said...

Congrats! Glad you made it home safely. Hope the jetlag disappears quickly.

Tera said...

Congrats! Glad you made it home safely. Hope the jetlag disappears quickly.

Aimee said...

Welcome home! It has been so much fun being able to follow your journey; thank you for sharing your joy with us! If you haven't already made plans to do so, you have to get the blog published and bound so you can always have Emma's story to look at.

Kam said...

So happy to see this! Welcome home! :)

a blog full of weldons. said...

soooo happy you are finally home! love you all so much! it's a treasure to see the 4 of you together!

Narda said...

O man, they're the cutest pictures of all the kids!! And Emma is just adorable---I'm surprised she doesn't have bite marks all over from all the kisses she gets, LOL.

Please post more pictures and let us all know how the saga continues.

Nancy said...

Those are wonderful pictures! I especially love the ones of you kissing your Lexie while holding both of your girlies. So sweet. You love them so much and are a wonderful mama. Congratulations, friend! Couldn't be happier for you. xxxxoooo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your daughters are so beautiful!

AnneU said...

Those photos are amazing! You are a beautiful family! I am so thrilled for you all! :)