Sunday, January 15, 2012

God is so faithful

The adoption community is an amazing one.  While we were in Kunming we had two amazing experiences.

The first I have already shared with you all. Dear sweet Jane and how she helped us provide details to Chun Xiao's past.

The second experience is one that I have not shared with you all yet.  Please go to my dear friend Kam's blog to read about our experience in her words:

We feel so lucky that we were able to meet the 'R' family and help bring closure for them.  God is good and I continue to be amazed at how he is working in our lives.   We continue to pray for peace for the 'R' family as they move forward.


Kam said...

Thank you sweet friend. I love how you said that you "were able to meet the R family" because we certainly feel like we've "met" you too. One day, I will hug your neck in person and tell you face to face how blessed we are because of you and Matt...and Emma!

My mom said yesterday that she keeps looking at the pictures of Emma and Seth side by side and she feels like we've been given yet another gift...the blessing of watching Emma grow and seeing how she is doing and what she is learning, etc. Since they are so close in's a window into how our Seth would be changing and growing. And I still think they just favor so much.

Much love for you and to you way over there! Joel, Syd and I watched Mulan together the other night {Jase and Kennedy are on a youth retreat} and I thought of you...and of China, the birthplace of our babies. And hopefully, more babies to come!

Lifting you up~

Tera said...

What a sad yet beautiful story! He is so faithful and often heals us through our tears. :( I have to say...these Kunming babies are just absolutely beautiful!! Seth and Emma have the most perfect eyes!!