Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hong Kong - Great views and a couple bottles of really good water

Hi,  This is Matt and this is my first post... Christy always looks for the humor in things so I am hoping to follow her lead...

So we woke up this morning, went for a quick run followed by some in-room brewing of our favorite coffee (Toasted coconut from The Drowsy Parrot).  All was well until Christy found out that I had used the room stocked Fiji water that was outrageously expensive to brew our joe..(north of $10 per bottle).  This didn't impress her much but man was it tasty... between you and I, good thing I didn't use the Vos. 

We decided that the first sight we wanted to see was Victoria Peak.  We jumped aboard the elevator to head down to the lobby to start the trek across HK.    At that time I noticed that the elevator carpet had "Saturday" embroidered on it.  Having noticed yesterday that the other elevator had "Friday" embroidered on the floor, I mentioned  that I thought it was clever that each elevator was labeled with a different day of the week on the carpet. Christy quickly said no...she explained it by saying ' it is like the elevator has day's of the week underwear; they switch out the carpet each day -- and since today is Saturday the elevator floor is labeled appropriately with Saturday.'  I would like to think that the lack of sleep impacted my thoughts on the matter.... yup I am going to stick with that story....

After some razzing by my DW we picked up a map in the lobby and headed out. We cut through a lovely park that was immaculately manicured.  Both of us were just amazed at how beautiful it was. 

Hong Kong Park

We then jumped aboard the tram that took us to the top of the island to look around. We snapped some photos to mark the occasion.

At the top of Victoria Peak

The view was so amazing that we decided to have lunch at the peak. Knowing that we would be eating a lot of chinese over the next two weeks, we selected to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant located at the top that overlooked HK. Christy, being so cost conscious about the water situation after breakfast, asked the wait staff if the tap water was safe for drinking rather than having bottled water. The wait staff said yes so she went that route, I had a beer. After lunch we decided that a short nap would prep us for our last "date night" before we become a +1 with Emma (fingers crossed that tomorrow is the gotcha day) so we went back to the hotel for some quick Z's.

We woke refreshed and started to get ready for dinner.  After consulting her trusty travel agent (, Christy picked out a super nice restaurant that overlooked the HK Harbor. We had the table from 6:15 - 8:30 which was perfect b/c there was a light show this evening at 8 pm over the harbour.  We dressed in our best looking attire.  Packing light means our "best" consisted of jeans, casual shirts and tennis shoes.  :-) After a few miles of walking followed by a subway ride, more walking, impromptu purse shopping for a knockoff, a taxi ride, and finally some more walking we arrived at the restaurant and Christy was a little queasy.  At first we thought maybe it was all the transit necessary to make it to the restaurant and thought it would pass so we continued on up to the top floor to enjoy dinner over the harbor at night.  The restaurant really was amazing.

At Aqua Roma

Christy's stomach continued to pitch back and forth like a fishing vessel caught in a typhoon but we decided to forge ahead and attempt dinner hoping food would help. We ordered some bottled water sparkling water and also picked a  bottle of wine (both bound and determined to make this date night a success) and continued to look through the menu.  The water arrived we had a few sips and admired the view.  Then it hit, just as the waiter bent over presenting the bottle of wine Christy jumped to her feet, called out "I am going to be sick" and sprinted to the bathroom nearly knocking down our server....  Dinner was now out of the question.  I quickly paid the bill, another outrageously priced bottle of water and headed back to the hotel.   Christy is feeling a little better after some coke and a few soda crackers she is hoping to feel even better in the morning for our plane ride.

The net is we got to see some great views of Hong Kong and had some really good bottled water...but perhaps we didn't have enough (i.e. lunch should have included another bottle of water). The date night will just have to wait until we have our +1.  It works out because with our +1 we will truly have something to celebrate!


Kam said...

Sooo sorry you were feeling icky! I had vertigo in Thailand! Holy moly that was awful! Thinking of you and praying all goes well with Emma! Man, you are so close!
Much love from this side of the world!

Ben Liley said...

Nice pics

Aimee said...

For some reason my email alerts for your blog haven't been coming through; I had no idea that you were so close to picking up Emma! Yahoo x 1,000! I'm sure your heart is just bursting with joy and anticipation. Here are well wishes for a restful night before your big day Sunday!

Tracy said...

Hi Guys! Getting close now!!! We hope Christy is feeling are night will be awesome with Emma, too! Hey, if date night is in GZ, we might join in, too!

Isn't this so surreal??? I'm pulling for all of us!

ps-sorry I didn't see your comment re: the HK shirt earlier...we saw about a zillion of them!

a blog full of weldons. said...

eeek i'm so excited i can hardly stand it!! you are there! mere hours away from her! hip hip hooray!!!

Martha B. said...

So sorry you aren't feeling are so close to Emma though...eeeeek!!
Funny you mention the water, the first hotel we stayed in I had to jump across the room and grab the mini-bar bottles of water out of DH's hands and point him in the direction of the complimentary bottles of water!! I was so scared that Frances was going to grab something from the mini-bar and consume it before we would notice :)

Christy said...

So darn excited for u!!!! Can't wait to see E in your arms. I'm so sorry your date night didn't turn out quite as you planned but hopefully you will feel better and be up for the big day tomorrow. So anxious to hear if you get E tomorrow or mjnday. Hoping kunming does sunday gotcha. That would b awesome.

Praying for you guys!


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