Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 7 & Day 8 - Guangzhou sites

We spent the last 2 days site seeing around Guangzhou with our guide John (who we absolutely love).   I will let the pictures explain what we have done!

 Lunch on Saturday on the island with our guide, John

Breakfast Sunday morning @ Starbucks. Emma made a mess, as usual!

We then went to church on Shaiman Island. The service was in English and Mandarin; too cool!

As usual Emma had all of the folks at church around us laughing!

We then went to the White Swan hotel to get the famous 'red couch' picture

 Of course Emma did great with the pictures

She started laughing hilariously when we started making faces. :-)

We then went home in the rain and Emma feel asleep in my arms!

 Monday morning we got up early & visited 'Six Banyan' Buddhist temple. The structure above was built in the 1200's -- I believe the oldest structure I have ever seen.

The temple was decorated for the Chinese new year with the red lanterns above. They are seriously everywhere right now (along with Tangerine trees!)

Buddhas in the six banyan temple

 Family picture in front of one of the banyan trees

We then went to visit the 'Chen family' house, displaying traditional Chinese Architecture

Emma hammed it up all weekend with our driver and our guide. The driver told our guide that Emma is 'absolutely adorable'. We know we are in trouble as he is not the first person to tell us this!!  Here she is blowing  a kiss (we learned how to ask her to do it in Mandarin and she does it, freaking the cutest thing ever).

One of the other things that came up this weekend (that we were not prepared for) were questions about Emma's race. Apparently she is a minority in China -- that is to say, she is not typical 'Han Chinese'. Her eyes, lips, and nose look different then Han Chinese (which represent about 80-90% of the population in china). Her skin is also darker so I think that throws people off. Anyway, we had a few people (both American & Chinese) ask us if Emma was in fact Chinese.  It threw me for a loop at first b/c I thought perhaps they were asking if she was my biological child but I quickly learned that they wondered if she was another race or from another country.  We talked to our guide frankly about the scenario and he explained why he thought she was a minority (eyes, lips, nose) and that it is not disrespect that they are asking, they are just curious.  We will never know what minority she is 100%  & we don't care. She is adorable and that is what I tell people when they ask. They all quickly agree so I do think they are honestly just interested. 

Thank you all for the support and emails re: night terror advice by the way! Things are going better in that department and we are learning how to address it when she does wake up.  She is napping great and we have started to try to nap during those times as well.  

Tomorrow we have one last day of site seeing with John including dinner at his favorite Cantonese restaurant. We plan to try the rice wine (apparently comparable with a vodka drink) as well so we will see how that goes! 4.5 more days and we will be home!


Stacia said...

I don't think I've seen a happier more content little girl! I agree with you that no matter what her race she is 100% perfect. :)

Lana said...

I've seen a million of those 'red couch' pics but I seriously don't think there's been a cuter picture taken there than Emma's :) Can't wait to see you soon!

Kam said...

What a wonderful day!!! She looks to be doing amazingly well...and has little idea that there is a sister waiting for her at home! How fun is that?

Gonna email you in a few...

Tera said...

I had assumed she was a minority...and figured her coloring/eyes had something to do with the fact that she is from a province so close to Laos, Thailand, etc. Her "minority" appearance makes her a standout for sure...because she has an amazingly natural beauty that most people dream of! Breathtaking, really! And her personality to go along with it! What a sweetheart you have! I have often wondered about our little girly being a minortiy as well and have been asked if she's "full Chinese" by Americans. Her orphanage says she has "red" hair and her skin is very light. But I agree...none of that really matters, does it?! Enjoy the rest of your time there!

Deitra said...

We had John for a guide- please tell him Kitty, Deitra and Hayden said hi..I am loving following your blog- It looks like you are having an ice time..

Narda said...

Little Emma is so beautiful! Who cares which "race" she is, LOL? She could almost be a little Inca or Aztec girl, though...(ok, wrong continent!).

Anyway, your gain, and China's loss :-)

I hope Lexie won't be too jealous when you come back with a new sister for her. Although Lexie knows that you will come home with Emma, it will be a bit rough on her initially. But this too shall pass. Istn't it all wonderful??

I was wondering about little Emma's just one tooth--it looks hilarious and so darn cute. Her teeth must be a little late for a 15-month old, yes? In any case, it's adorable on her!

All the best for your remaining stay in China, and a good and safe return home.

Christy said...

Interesting about Emma's race. Never would have thought that. Many of the kids from Kunming seem to be darker and since they are in foster care, they probably spend a ton of time outside with their foster parents. I know Emery looks dark in her referral pics but she also looks EXACTLY like Mia in her referral pic so Im not sure about the Han thing. I know with Finley, we had questions if she is half white or another race becuaes she is so super fair and has roundish eyes. We had many people ask us while in China (she is more typical northern china look-- russian influence) and we have had people here ask as well. Our guide said she was Han but who really knows-- I honestly dont care-- shes our little northern China beauty!!

Glad the night terrors are going better. They are hard and we feel so powerless. Glad they are getting better.

Have fun over the next few days-- I so wish we were there with you guys!!


bronwyn said...

Love all the photos! It's fun to follow your journey. Look forward to seeing you when you get home. -Bronwyn