Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Girl

This week Emma has shown us her adorable sisterly love side. She is babbling up a storm and is trying to communicate that she wants to do anything Lexie can do. I think she knows something is up based on the once/day doctor appointment schedule we seem to be on &  has decided that she will show us that she is in fact fine and does not appreciate going to the doctors every day!! :-)

 Goofing around in the playroom

We are heading to FL for a week on Friday returning on April fools day. It should be a nice break from all of the appointments. Time to just relax and play without the worry about the next appointment.

Matt starts back to work that following Monday. It has been amazing to have him home for these 12 weeks. I am forever grateful to our employer for allowing such a generous policy and for Matt's teammates for taking his work while he was out.  I have decided to take 3 more months off to figure out what will be best for Emma.

We still have a lot of unknowns about what is going on. It seems that hearing loss often goes hand in hand with a variety of other symptoms and the doctors want to just be doubly sure that the hearing loss is not a result of a larger issue. Anyway, the path of figuring all of this out & starting treatment for the hearing loss includes visits to all of the following individuals/groups: 

1) ENT doctor
2) Audiologist
3) Speech Pathologist
4) Radiologist for a CT Scan
5) Ultra Sound technician @ U of M
6) Geneticist
7) Ophthalmologist 
8) Early On Speech Therapist (Early intervention in Michigan)
9) Early On Hearing Therapist
10) Pediatrician (regular visits to ensure we don't have ear infections and that she is gaining weight) 

So you can see, we are a busy household.  Thank God for University of Michigan Motts hospital and the $2 parking as long as you stay < 4 hours. :-)

Emma takes all of this like a champ by the way.  The other day Lexie got a shot at the doctors office and Emma got two.  Lexie cried like a baby. Literally, I had to carry her out of the building while she was screaming hysterically like someone just cut off her arm. She talked about it for 3 days straight and she still will mention it ('why did that doctor hurt me?'). On the other hand, Emma took both shots like a walk in the park. No crying, she just watched it happen and moved on.  

Bless her little heart, we love her to pieces. 


Annie said...

Emma is just so beautiful! The one thing I have learned from raising Lizzie is that you just never put any limits on these beautiful children. Lizzie inspires me every day as I know your Emma will you!

Mary said...

She is just adorable, Christy. Seriously, so stinkin' cute! And I just think it's beautiful that in the midst of this challenging time for you, as parents, Emma is working hard to show you all that life goes on, and that it can be wonderful regardless of whatever diagnoses may come along. Have a wonderful trip! I'm JEALOUS! ;-)

Mandy said...

I just love reading your blog and seeing the updates on your girls, you are doing a wonderful job!

On another note, we used Early on for Brenden, he was speech delayed, and had a wonderful experience. They really do a great job of helping the kids AND the parents. Good Luck with everything with this unexpected twist, I'm sure you will all do fine and you have such a great family to help support you.


MarthaB. said...

Oh my gosh she is just too adorable!!! What a brave & strong little girl Emma is! Have fun on your trip.

Debbie Sauer said...

Love her smile. She is just precious. Blessings

Chris said...

sorry I haven't sent you the pictue from China-in front of LUcy's the night before you guys flew out
I fully intend to do it-one of therse day!!!
Life is hectic here with 7, and I know you know how it is with just getting home
how gret to have all that time together-what will you do when Matt goes backto work??
Enjoy Florida

Tracy said...

So happy you've been able to do so much fun stuff in your time off! We are so envious! Enjoy the's freezing again here in Boston!

Anonymous said...

I just saw (and replied) to your note on the China board but wanted to leave a note here to say your girls are gorgeous! Hang in there. I know it's a lot to process(and I just have one more of those dr. appointments to cross off the list for my own daughter), but I promise it will get easier every day.