Friday, October 4, 2013

I800 Approval! {Lingao is now an immediate relative of ours!!}

We finally have I-800 approval!  That means the US Gov't has formally listed Lingao as an immediate relative to our family. He is a Lillie!!

Our next steps:

  • We need to get a copy of the I-800 approval to the US embassy in China who will schedule an appointment in China to allow Lingao to come home with us.  
  • Once we have the Embassy appointment, we will send that date to the Chinese Gov't who will schedule our 'gotcha day' for Lingao.  
  • Once we have the gotcha date, we will schedule our flights to China!

In 2011 we received our I800 approval on 11/7 and picked up Emma on 1/8...~2 months later. So this go around we think we could get Lingao as early as the first week in December.  Meaning perhaps he will be home for Christmas (or we will be there)!

For those of you following our earlier timeline, I did have a bit of a mess up that caused a delay. I actually forgot to send a check with my application to the US gov't.  Apparently my 'crisp execution' and attention to detail have gone by the wayside.  I guess 3 - well almost 4 - kids does that to you. ;-)  In any case, I have no other tasks to complete so hopefully everything from here on out is smooth sailing!!

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