Monday, September 23, 2013

New pictures of Luke {an update from across the world!}

We got an update on Luke from his foster family!! Happy Happy Monday!!

Look at those big eyes!!
Look at that smile!!

18 month update!

Height - 31.5 inches (25th percentile) - moving into 24 m clothes!!
Weight - 22.5 lbs (10th percentile)
Shoe size - 13 cm - US sz 5.5

Note - we thought we were 'twinning' Luke with Jake b/c they are only 12 mos apart but, apparently, he and Emma are going to be the ones that look like twins for the first year or two! She is currently in size 6 shoes and weighs 24 pounds, LOL.

Physical status
His general healthy status is good.

Mental Status
His mental development is normal compare with other children on his age.

His motor skills development is good. He can walk and run freely.

His language development is a bit delayed. He babbles a lot, but can not say words. Not surprising given he does not have tubes in his ears, may have temporary hearing loss, and has a cleft lip & palate!

He is living in foster family. The family has 2 biological children.
He is obedient to his foster parents. Yea says mommy!!

Mealtime and diet hobby
He has noodle at 7:00, has conjee and milk at 12:00, has milk at 16:00, has rice or conjee at 18:00, and has milk at 21:00. He has good appetite. He likes milk, fruits and yogurt.

Defecation and urination
He is using diaper only at night.  - HOLY COW!! Potty Trained already!?  God IS good! ;-)

Getting up at 06:00, going to bed at 21:00, taking a nap at 14:00-16:00. He has stable sleep.  Good news, we hope this continues after we take him away from the only family he has never known and traumatize him.  Poor guy.

Social Ability
He can understand adult’s orders and follow them well. He gets on well with other children. Yea!

Personality, Life habit, interests
He is outgoing and active. He likes outdoor activities. - Yea says Emma and Lexie (and the neighborhood girls who have all made pictures for him and are waiting for him to come home and play outside with them!).

Favorite toys and activities
He likes play water. Yea says Pat Lilley!
He favorite thing is his toy cars.  Yea says Dennis and Matt Lillie!!

No onto my private investigator mode...what do we see that wasn't said...

-If you notice the pictures are taken at a public park in a city. This means we are guessing he is living with a family in Fuzhou.  We know his favorite toy was his foster mamas cell phone so we kinda guessed that but this reinforced that to us. ;-)

-His foster family also has two biological children. This makes me think they got an exception from the 'one child policy' by either 1) purchasing an exception or 2) perhaps are a minority?  Any Adoptive Parents know of any other way?

-Can anyone tell what the necklace is around his neck? Is it a Buddha on a red thread?  Clearly his foster family loves him, right?!

-Finally, we love he is not all bundled up!  The pictures were probably taken in August (when it was hot there!) but, still, we didn't see any child in China wearing this little clothes while we were there - except for American children, LOL.

Looking at him more, we still see that something special in his eyes. That thing that made both of us know he was our son. Do you see it?!  We are just in love!!


journey to Madisyn said...

the thing around his neck is a necklace with more them likely a jade Buddha. Our daughter came home with something very similar. Congratulations he is handsome....

Heather said...

Greetings Lillie Family! Great update! My name is Heather and I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a quick question I have about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

Jessim said...

He is adorable!

I wouldn't hold your breath on the potty training- so many Chinese kids just go on the street or wherever they are that he may not be able to 'hold it' the way we expect US kids to when they are potty trained; just rather he can communicate immediate need, squat and go- thus not needing a diaper. (And if he hasn't seen a US toilet, he might be scared of it an revert.)

I would say for sure he is well loved!