Sunday, September 1, 2013

Large Package going to China!

We got the last item for Luke's care package completed today and we are shipping it off on Tuesday!  We ended up sending a clothing donation for the orphanage as well as a little package of items for Luke.

Orphanage Donation:
  • 15 - pink/purple shirts, 2-5T
  • 10 - pairs of jeans, 2-5t
  • 10 - Black doggy shirts, 2-5T (these dogs looked identical to my sisters dog Scout, it was uncanny!)
  • 3 soft carters outfits, 3-9 mos
  • 3 gingham orange button down shirts, size 10-14

Care Package for Luke:
  • Tie Blanket (made by me and a neighbor girl!)
  • Michigan hooded long sleve shirt
  • Photo Book with pictures of our family (you can see the book here!).
  • Toy Cell Phone
  • Toy Camera (that actually takes pictures and has video)
  • Disposable Camera

Our hope is that when we pick him up he has a lovie with him. It broke our heart that Emma had nothing with her when she came to us and it took her forever to really learn to cuddle with anything. We hope Luke is able to have the consistency of 1 thing in his life - whether that is the lovie I send or a lovie they give him!

On the paperwork front - our i800 was submitted last week!  That means we are officially 7 weeks ahead of where we were in the calendar year with Emma. We traveled on January 5th with Emma so it is entirely possible that we could travel in December. That said, we still need our supplement 3 to be approved and our I-800 to be approved. Our officer seems to be extremely picky so we will see!!

Praying for Luke and all the kids in the SWI this evening. We are coming for you soon buddy!!

PS if anyone wants to send a donation to Luke's orphanage, you certainly can but it may not the best use of direct funds. We just sent it because we knew we were sending the care package to Luke so threw in some items as well.  ;-) Instead of donating to the orphanage, I would suggest sponsoring a child with Love without Boundaries.  

It is the best use of the funds and give children a chance to have surgeries that then make them 'adoptable' (i.e. a heart echo to prove to adoptive parents that a child's heart condition is operable can make a child suddenly become very 'adoptable'.).  We LOVE Love Without boundaries and it breaks my heart to see so many kids sitting on their sponsorship list!  

Here is the address for the SWI donations as well!

Social Welfare Institute of Fuzhou City
NO.1688 Wenchang Road 
Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province,China
Post code: 344000

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