Friday, September 13, 2013


We went to USPS to get passports for Emma and Jake today.  We needed a ton of paperwork.  Emma still does not have a US Birth Certificate so I brought a bunch of stuff from China, just in case.  Jake also didn't have his official birth certificate (somehow I only had the hospital one). So I brought a ton of stuff for him too (very odd but the baptismal certificate was something we could use to prove we were his parents!). As usual, it was kinda a crazy trip (that involved a McDonalds stop) but I wouldn't expect anything less from hubby and me!

Passports should be here in 3 weeks.  Which is just in time for us to then send them to China to get our Chinese Visas. We need 5 visas because we are ALL planning on going to China (well, there will be 6 of us on the way home). We are hoping to stop in Kunming, the beautiful city in which Emma was born, and visit her finding spot, foster village, etc. We feel like the more we can understand about Emma's beginnings now, the better.  It is going to cost us an arm and a leg (pulled from our savings); however, as a friend pointed out - this is an emergency for Luke. He needs to come home, needs a family, and needs a few surgeries.  And frankly, I think Emma will say her knowing her biological history is worthy of a lot of cash too. ;-)

In other news...we also received an update from the US gov't. They have finally approved my adoption extension (see earlier post here on that topic). Meaning, we are now on target for November or December travel. Crazy fast but we are rolling with it!!  We are pretty excited about the idea of having Luke home for the holidays!

Here are a few pictures from today!

Emma's Passport Picture, cute right?!
Jakes Passport Photo - we love his exposed chest. Manly, right?! ;-)

This guy rocked - we had a bunch of random paperwork and he figured it all out

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