Monday, October 31, 2011

Emma's wonderful, amazing, beautiful, & thoughtful shower

2 years ago I was invited by my sister in law to to my first official 'wine club' . Fast forward to the present day. I now have a group of ~15 woman that I am lucky enough to call my friends. At 15 people you would think...well you aren't really good friends with all of them. But here is the thing, I am.This wine club is a diverse group of moms-- some stay at home, some work part time, some work full time. But we all have one thing in common....we love to drink wine, lol. And we love each other.

Anyway, these ladies threw me the most awesome shower on Sunday to help Matt and I prepare to welcome Emma home. As always, I had an awesome time with my friends but it also reminded me how lucky I am and how much I love each of them individually.

Matt and I have been through a ton leading up to this adoption and these ladies have all supported me in different ways. Seriously, I could tell you a story about each of them and how they have done something above and beyond for us over the past two years.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

Click here to see the full slideshow of pictures. :-)

Gorgeous shower, right?! We got tons of stuff for the family too...the most thoughtful gifts...matching outfits for Emma and Lexie, a camera and an album for Lexie to make for Emma, thoughtful gifts for Emma ('first words' books/flashcards, airplane toys, etc), tons of diapers, and even a red egg for good luck (see chinese tradition on that here!). I was truly touched by the generosity and love I saw in the shower and in the gifts.

I will close with a saying that I think recap's how I feel about the group:

"True friends are those who really know you, but love you anyway".

When you make friends with 15 people over 2 years & 200 bottles of wine**, you are going to know the real person. And if you still come back every month to see them, you must really like them.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful shower!!


**For those of you who don't know about wine is the gist: Each month, we all bring a bottle of wine to the hosts house to 'taste' via blind taste test (aka bottle of wine in a brown paper bag). During the night, we vote on each bottle. At the end of the evening, the bottles are 'revealed' (aka brown paper bag ripped off) to show the winner. Sometimes the winner is a $3 bottle, sometimes a $20 bottle. If you follow my math here you will see, we are not really alcoholics. If you get ~1o ppl each month (aka 10 bottles/mo), that is 120 bottles a year, or 240 bottles over 2 years. See? Totally legit. :-)


Nancy said...

We all love you, too, Christy! What a sweet post. Nobody is more deserving of happiness than you. xo

Amy L said...

Oooops! I guess I should have brought two eggs for a girl...

Sharon said...

Emma is blessed to have you all as her family!

Kam said...

How precious! I love that! I remember our showers for Joel and how moved I was by them. You have great friends!

Tera said...

How sweet of your friends!

All of my girls have Sept bdays but all different days...20th, 22nd, and 29th. And they were all born on Wednesdays! :) Our little babies are so close in age! How fun to watch them grow at the same time!