Monday, October 17, 2011

i luv emma!!

My good friend Lana has her own photography business and took some photos of our family last weekend. Lana is SUPER talented and here is sneak peak of a few of the pictures!!

More adorable pictures here..

PS... No LOA today, but my friend Mary got her TA, yea!!!! That means she will be in China anywhere from 2-4 weeks from now! Mary and I got our referrals for our DD's the same evening; she has just had really good luck on the paperwork front. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to meet Gracie the next time I am in Minneapolis visiting my sister!!

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Mary said...

I ADORE these pictures -- I checked out hte ones on the other site, and Lexie is as gorgeous as they come. Which is good, since Emma Jean is so stinkin' cute, at least we'll know that she'll be able to hold her own next to Lexie. :-)

I wish I could explain this paperwork. We were supposed to be in China together, damn it. Ugh. You will hear me screaming from MN when you get that LOA!!!!!