Saturday, February 11, 2012

The news

Today we had some good and some bad news....

The Good News
Grandma Lilley came over to babysit Emma & Lexie this evening so we could have a few hours off to play cards with our friends. The plan was to put Emma to bed and then sneak out for a few hours while they put Lexie down.  My parents came over a little early and brought a delicious dinner,...super nice. At bedtime my mom went to rock Emma and give her a bottle.   Here is where the good news comes in....Emma went ballistic. Seriously went crazy that it wasn't mom or dad putting her to bed.  SCORE!!!  We have both been loving this little girl to pieces and it kills us when she doesn't outwardly love us back. It is so hard when she doesn't recognize us when we walk in a room or seem to care when a stranger takes her from us.  This reaction to grandma rocking her was exactly what we have been waiting for and we were both ecstatic (sorry Grandma!!)!

The Bad News
About 4 mins after my parents arrived for dinner, Lexie started to cough & throw up.  At first I thought maybe it was gag reflex but after the 3rd time she threw up, we realized this was probably the stomach flu.  The norovirus has been going around so we think she caught it from someone this past week.  We just read all about it and it seems like it is very hard to keep from spreading...especially with a 1 year old in the house who puts everything in her mouth.  I can only assume we are all in for it.  I just pray we don't get it at the same time!  Needless to say,  with all the crying and throwing up, we sent my parents home and called our friends to let them know we would not make it to cards this evening.

I will leave you on a high note with a few pictures from yesterday.  We visited Matts' Great Grandma  - Emma & Lexie's Great Great Grandma- yesterday.  The trip went really well and we were able to meet up with Great Great uncle Lon as well.

 Great Great Grandma Gay and Emma

Great Great pushing Emma in her walker! They had a blast doing this around the apt!

 Great Great Uncle Lon & Emma goofing around (Emma really had an affinity for Uncle Lon!)

 The whole crew!  
Note: Great Great Grandma Gay keeps the apt pretty darn warm.  This is why Lexie is 1/2 naked in the photos. I can't remember why she was crying though!

Great Great Grandma Gay & Lexie on a 'walk' down her hallway


Anonymous said...

Emma is such a happy girl - love all her smiles! Love the photos of your girls with their GGG in the walker!

Tracy said...

Sorry about your "bad news", but at least your good news sounded VERY good!!! You guys are loving on her so much and she's figuring out that she's YOURS forever! Love the pics...keep them coming! xoxo T + P + E