Friday, February 10, 2012

One month since Gotcha day!

We have had Emma in our arms for a full month! She is such a joy, we just feel so very lucky to be able to have in our family!

Here are a few pictures over the past week:

 Emma on her moose from Santa

Lexie is learning to share!!

 Emma after a meal! This girl loves to eat!

 Wearing daddy's Tigers hat

This is what we wake up to every morning, too cute!!

We are slowly getting used to her sleep situation. I wouldn't say its getting better...we are just figuring out how to make it work. There is no way around it, we just have to put in the hard work with her at night so she continues to attach to us. To know we are not going anywhere.  Every child challenges you in different ways, this is where I am still learning from this precious child!

We are also planning a few trips in the remaining 7 weeks of leave. Visiting family & maybe a trip to Florida to visit the sunshine. :-)


Jan en Terry said...

Hi Lillie Familie,
we have a Kunming-boy and he also had some serious sleep issues, but now he is a sound sleeper. There is hope!
If you would have more insight in the foster villages, we would love to hear about it.

Tera said...

Love the update! Your girls are just too cute! We finally got our LOA (day99!) and I am hoping to hold my baby by Mother's Day!

Christy said...

Oh christy!!!! I'm so happy things are going well. She looks like she is adjusting so well and I am thrilled for you all!!!

Sometimes we just have to give the kid what they need even when it is totally out of our comfort zone. I know it will get better in time but at least you have figured out how to work with it and thank God that you are off for another 7 weeks. What an amazing gift. I wish we all got that!

Miss you and so happy you are doing so well!

Christy :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, they are both so adorable! Glad things are going well and that you have time off to get settled in. The sleeping will get better, hang in there and take a nap whenever you can!

Looking forward to meeting you all some day!

Lori Johnson

A2traveler said...


Mortensen Family said...

Such wonderful photos with smiles! Praying for your sleep situation. It is so hard for them in the night, isn't it? It is a blessing to see the sisters together. What fun!

Martha B. said...

Yay for new pictures!!! They are both sooooo cute!!!