Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Gift

I haven't been posting to the blog because there isn't a ton to say.   We have settled into our routine, both daily and sleep schedules, and the latter continues to be a challenge.

 Here is an example of our schedule:

5:30 - Dinner
6:30 - Baths
6:45 - 7:15 - Books & Emma to bed in her room
7:15 - 7:45 - Books & Lexie to Bedin her room
9:00 - 9:10 - Emma's 1st wake, Christy or Matt goes to soothe her
10:30 - Matt to bed
11:00 - 11:10 - Emma 2nd waking, Christy to sooth her
11:10 - Christy to bed
1:30 -2:00 am Emma 3rd waking - Matt grabs Emma from her bed and puts her on the floor next to Christys side of the bed (on a crib mattress). Christy gives Emma a bottle.
3:30 - 3:40 am - Emma's 4th wake up - Christy soothes her (without getting out of my bed, yea!)
5:45 am -  6:00 am - Emma's 5th wake up (for the day) -  Matt gets up with her
7:00 am - Christy & Lexie are up

So you can see, its not perfect but it works for us. My DH is amazing too btw. He is such a trooper and has taken the brunt of 'figuring out' this night time schedule (I am horrible with lack of sleep). I couldn't have done this with anyone else.

Anyway, we had finally 'accepted' the night time schedule and then our world was rocked last night. I am having a hard time not tearing up just writing it.


To be clear here...this is not a sleep through the night via the 'six hour' clause many books reference. I mean we put her to bed at 7 pm last night in her own bed and she didn't wake up out of her own bed until 5:45 am.  Note - there was no hint this was going to happen. No lead up to this. The example of getting up 5 times has occurred most nights since we have been home, including the night before last.

I am not sure why on 2/25/2012 it happened. I am calling it a huge gift from God.  A 'wink' from God to tell us that we can do this and things WILL get better.

Of course, Lexie was up last night from 2:30 - 3:30 but that is just par for the course of being parents of two, right?! :-)

For those of you asking for pictures, here you go!!

Emma on the ice in MN
(Matt was so excited b/c the public park near my sisters house had this awesome rink!)
Lexie using her skates from Santa!
Daddy teaching Lexie to skate
Family Picture
(Skating is hard work - hence the crying from Lexie)

Mary, Lexie, Emma, and George the next am

Playdate with our friends the Clarks
(Emma loved this box, she thought it was the best 'toy' in the house)
Lexie & Devin (Cousin) at the pool
(hint - this is what we do to get Lexie out of the house while Emma is napping in the afternoon!)

Next week we are off to Florida & Disney so should have some adorable pictures of the girls from there!!


MarthaB. said...

Lol at the box, Frances will play in a box for hours while all of her toys go all of the new pics and yay for sleeping through the night!!!

Stacia said...

That's wonderful! I love your positive attitudes towards everything as well. :)

Kam said...

Bless your hearts! That's so tough. I remember those days very well! But you are right, it will get better. It's just while you are walking through it, it's so very hard! I'm sure you are doing a great job though! :) She looks positively precious. So surreal to see you all home...I know it's been weeks! But still, I just love hearing about your adventures as a family of four!

Christy said...

Through the night already?>????? That is just amazing!!! I am soooo happy for you!! I cant imagine so quickly-- I hope we get the same when we finally get Emery but wow-- holy cow! You need to celebrate. Now, remember she might regress a tiny bit but know she will get it back. So happy for you!

Christy :)

Tracy said...

Yippee!!! So happy for you guys! Hope you have an awesome time in sunny Florida! T + P + E

Kelly the Overthinker said...

It WILL get better. The sleep thing with kids newly home can be SO hard. Hang in there - and don't be afraid to ask people for help when you can!

Amy said...