Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 0.5 (Shanghai)

We all made it to shanghai!!! The kids were surprisingly good on the flight. Emma had one night terror that was a little scary but that was about it. Jake is still on eastern time but the girls are adjusting! 

We do some visiting in Shanghai tomorrow (Saturday) and then fly to nanchang to meet Luke on Sunday.   This means tomorrow is Luke's last day with his foster family. 

We are asking you all to pray for peace for both Luke and the foster family, who clearly love him so much.

No good pictures of Shanghai - it was pure fog/smog when we arrived and now it's dark. :-( Hoping for a few better ones tomorrow.


 10 pm Friday in our apartment, jake thinks its playtime!

                  Shanghai from our room

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Martha Bonneau said...

So glad to hear you all arrived safe and sound...praying for Luke and his foster family and can't wait for more updates!