Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 12 (Kunming)

We'll the other half of the tale starts off in guangzhou at 5am.  I woke to finish off packing and to get Alexis and Luke ready for our flight. We made it out the door on time to meet our guide (Lilly - fitting right :) ) and the driver to head to the airport. 

We arrived with enough time to pay for Luke's ticket and to check the 3 large pieces of luggage and Lilly escorted us to security. We split ways and that is when the fun begins. We make it up to the X-ray belt and metal detectors. I passed all our bags through and send the 3 backpacks and the trunkie through and then coaks Luke and Alexis through the metal detector. Then I proceed to fold up the Bob running double stroller. The crew of security folks argue with me to take it back to the ticket counter to have it checked through to kunming. I tell them that my kids need to come back with me along with all my bags.  We disagree and they refuse to send the kids back through and tell me my kids will be fine..... I yell to Alexis to help Luke and that I will be righ back.  

Running off I go to check the bob.....

I take the bob stroller back to check-in and they redirect me to oversized luggage, I tried to explain the situation with hand guestures and small English words and all I get is the run around. To make a long and somewhat comical story short I get directed to 5 different desks to try to check the stroller only to have to go back to security to retrieve my wallet and pay the extra fee to check the stroller. 

In the end the bob was checked, the kiddos remained calm while in the care of the Chinese version of the TSA and we narrowly caught our flight by sprinting to the gate with 3 backpacks, two compliant children, and a trunkie in a pare tree. 

Once again it seems the value of the double stroller seems to be lost in china

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Glena Lilley said...

OMG... the Chinese tsa ... you must have been freaking!

thank gosh you have humor!