Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 3 - about a boy (Nanchang)

OToday we had the government appointments to finalize the Chinese side of the adoption. We did all of our appointments in 2.5 hours - thank you to the 4 kids for getting us to the front of every line, lol. 

Lingao is adjusting well. He still has sad moments but is adjusting. We know more with him then we did with Emma so that helps. He goes to sleep pretty easily with his lovie - a simple towel. He is definitely underweight and we think that is due to the fact he probably has giardia or some other intestinal bug. We are disinfecting like crazy and keeping his food separate but he is going number two explosively 4-5 times a day so it's not easy. Praying we don't all get it while in china.  

We learned he was only at the orphanage for 7 days after he was abandoned. He was with one foster family the rest of the time..up until Sunday when we got him. God lined up his families perfectly..his foster mother had 3 other biological children (20, 11, and 9 years old) in the house and one biological grandson - who is just older then jake. So lingao is use to kids, babies, madness, and, generally, our family. I have to think this woman is looked at like we are with the craziness that must go on at her house!  :-)

Lingao's cleft is definitely bigger /more severe then his referral indicated. Not a huge deal but changes our surgery plans a little. We took a regular bottle and cut the nipple to allow it to pour out and he uses it just fine (he can't use a regular bottle bc he cannot suck due to his cleft palate). 

He can communicate great, even though he cannot pronounce words. He 'told' on his siblings multiple times today and said 'more please' via inflection twice. We are definitely going to need some signing if he really doesn't start talking well until after his surgeries (what we understand to be typical for Chinese adopted cleft children).

The boy loves food. He will eat non stop if we let him - not horsing but similar to jake that he just doesn't refuse food!

He weighs 21 pounds, exactly the same as jake. He is really skin and bones so we are working on that. Emma is 24 pounds so not too far above him but she is way thicker then he is. They are adorable together.

The boy loves his sisters. Both of them know how to make him happy and spend all day trying to serve him and make him happy. It's adorable.

Lastly , I would be remiss if I didn't say how we are officially the spectacle of the hotel and, apparently, of Nanchang adoptions. People meet us at the hotel and at the various appointments and say 'oh you are the adoptive family with 4 kids with you'. Jake has also become the spectacle of many interactions with many pictures taken without request. It almost makes me cry every time it happens though because lingao is invisible to them. I guess they see a Chinese 2 year old with a cleft all the time and never see a white baby so it's just human nature. Lingao will be the spectacle when we get home as he will stand out so I guess it all goes around! Still, when jake has 4 ladies around him taking pictures and loving on him after dinner while he consumes a huge sucker someone bought for him and lingao is in my arms being ignored, it breaks a mamas heart. I mean, what 9 mos old needs a sucker?!

Here are a few pics from today! We took a nap after our appointments then went swimming at the hotel pool before going to an authentic Chinese dinner to celebrate the finalization of the Chinese side. 

We have the next few days off before leaving for guangzhou on Friday. So more family fun on the horizon! 

Lastly..I just have to call out to the two readers of this long post how awesome my husband is.we are rocking this as a family unit and the Chinese men are floored! A husband who is involved, provides, and loves.. They think I have hit the jackpot...I tell thm I agree!!!

                                  At the hotel pool


                                                              Kiddos at nap time

                                Boys watching girls swim!

                                With his 'lovie' 

Bad quality but adorable...don't get me started on the swim cap thing!!


dsantucci said...

Love the picture of the 4 kids at nap time. What a wonderful family you have. Interesting that they notice what a wonderful father Matt is.

Renate said...

Hope no one gets sick. He is so cute.

Glena Lilley said...

Not sure which two reading your blog, you refer to...but this reader knows how wonderful the daddy is...but also how wonderful the mommy is...what a pair! Your dreams back in Jamaica, in 2004, on the beach, are all coming true...because you both made it so. Hugs to all

Martha Bonneau said...

You all are awesome! Loving the update and he looks like he is settling into the craziness quite nicely lol!

yourplatekate said...

You both are amazing parents. We pray that the rest of your journey there goes as smoothly.
Love to you all.

Pam said...

Love seeing all 4 kids together! They are all adorable!

Katy said...

Great pictures and lovely shout-out to Matt, too!

Sarah said...

Great pic of all 4! Keep the adventures coming!