Friday, December 6, 2013

Day .75 (Shanghai)

Well it is the middle of the night in Shanghai and the kids were not able to sleep due to the time zone change. That said one of the adults must remain awake to maintain order and ensure there isn't a Lord of the Flies take over.  Guess who drew the short straw to stay awake :).  It is quite amazing the kids energy level given the lack of sleep, I think it is the welling excitement of meeting their brother for the first time or it could be the lolly pop and and gold fish diet over the past 36 hours to maintain order and allegiance to the parental law. 

Fortunetly we have a wonderfull hotel/suite with our own washer/dryer combo so we are washing clothes to kill time as we wait for the breakfast Buffett to open up. All joking aside I am eternally thankful to my lovely wife Christy.  She has done such an amazing job planning and packing that we have provisions to survive a zombie appocolypse if needed. 

Today should be a slow day filled with naps and a small bit if shopping on the famous Bund Street. Overall we just need to distract ourselves from the anxiousness and excitement of meeting Luke.  We will keep you all posted on how things are going, please continue to pray for us and for Luke as he leaves his foster family and  joins his forever family.

- The Lillie family (Matt)

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