Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day 11 and 12 (Beijing)

I traveled solo yesterday with 2 of the kids from guangzhou to beijing. It was a pretty average trip. We had planned to stay one night (to greet our new guide) and then head to kunming but i couldn't get a late night flight so that one night turned into two.

Matt flew from Guangzhou to Kunming with the other two kiddos. I chatted with him briefly today and I didn't get all the details but his flight sounded more traumatic then mine. :-)

We met our new guide and are headed to kunming in the morning. It's already 430 pm and we leave on a 630 am flight so no time for sightseeing. The kids missed naps and are starving so we are operating on basic necessaries only. That is ok - i imagine we will be back in beijing  at some point and we can sight see then. :-)

Kunming is known as the city of eternal spring but i heard it snowed there yesterday! Most buildings don't have central heat (including the one we are staying at) but I am assured by a friend the space heaters are enough! I guess a little unexpected Christmas snow may be nice.

Next post from kunming!

Ride to hotel down an ally - someone loved it!

Taxi around the city

Crib in hotel

At airport

Hotel room- pretty cool place!


Jan en Terry said...

So happy you are getting closer to Emma's roots. Thumbs up and fingers crossed here...

Glena Lilley said...

Jake and Emma, the richshaw ride and room all look happy, bright and good... glad your trip was not what Matt experienced!! Again the amazing man made it all happen!