Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 15 and day 16 - Emma's finder and Kunming fun (kunming)

On Saturday we met with Emma's finder at her finding spot. She retold the story of Emma's finding and gave us a little gift (necklace trinket for Emma). She was able to tell us how she found her, what she was wearing, and all the details of that morning. This is what we currently know as Emma's first history. Short of her birth mother coming forward, this is the best we have in terms if Emma's birth history.

Emma's 'finding' spot and her finder

We then had a quick visit with an old friend Jane and her new baby Timothy (who is 2 weeks younger then Jake).

On Sunday we spent the morning with missionaries in kunming - such an interesting experience! We were connected to this family via a friend of a friend and we are glad we were able to connect!! 

We then spent the remainder of our time on Sunday and Monday with Fang enjoying china and kunming!! 

We are ready to head home but will somewhat surprisingly miss china!!

Candied fruit!

Cotton candy in green lake

Adorable pic, right?!


Dinner, yum!!

Shopping for tea!

After dinner family photo!

Fang and christy

Girls at green lake 

We leave shanghai tomorrow am! We land in dtw at noon tomorrow, Christmas Eve. :-)


Martha Bonneau said...

How amazing that you have been able to piece together so much for Emma! We are in the beginning stages of planning a trip back to Chen Chen'a CWI, finding spot etc., I will be picking your brain for ideas when the time comes!

Jan en Terry said...

so good to be true!!
Best wishes for your family,
Jan & Terry (Belgium)

Fowler family said...

Wow, what beautiful kids you have and what neat stories of how they came into your life. We spent a year in China when my husband was in College, so it's fun to hear about your guys' link there too. I hope everything goes smooth with your travels to Utah. Keep us posted!